Tarot Professional

Investment: Rs 40000 (including Tarot Deck, Manuals, Crystal Pouch & Pendulum)

Duration: This certification programme is composed of two key learning elements:

1) Twenty days of workshop activity over three modules of two hour duration each and at weekly intervals.

2) Approximately 90 hours of personal study projects designed to help you apply your learning, build up your skill level and reflect on what you have learned.


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About The Founder

Meet Joy Dev. He is a TCBA Certified Tarot Card Reader, Certified NLP Practitioner, QTC Coach, Hypnotherapist and Numerology Analyst practicing for the past many years. An Engineer by training and a HR professional by choice let him accompany you to the mystic world of Tarot. A 79-card Tarot deck, which taps into your inner self and brings out the awareness and insight that we need to solve our problems and queries.